Game changer

Game changer

Scandi Energy - Waste to Energy Concept.

A revolution in waste treatment

Scandi Energy-Waste to Energy Concept

  • The enviromental friendly technology to process organic waste

  • CO2 negative

  • Biochar binds carbon and heavy metals

  • Syn-gas free of NOx and SOx

  • High energy output

Scandi Energy-Waste to Energy Concept. A revolution in waste treatment


  • A Unique prosess

  • Transefere organic waste to energy and

  • Input : Everything from sewage to plastic

  • Output : Clean water, bio-char and

  • Syn-gas can be used to produce electricity,
    thermal energy, bio-fuel, hydrogen and biogas

The Scandi Energy system

”Waste to Energy” can replace the following technologies


  • Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas):

    • processing wet organic waste

    • Incineration

    • Sewage plant

    • Landfill

A Near Energy Systems based on following main technologies


Vacuum Gasification :

Processing dry and semi - dry organic & synthetic waste SVG

SSR-Sono – Electrostatic Flocculation water treatment and nutrient recovery SSR

What is gasification?


Gasification doesn’t actually burn the municipal solid waste, instead It breaks the molecules apart with heat in absence of air, and then recombines them to form synthetic gases (SYNGAS).

Syngas composed primarily of Hydrogen – H2, Carbon monoxide- CO, Carbon dioxide – CO2 and methane – CH4.

After the syngas is cleaned, it can be used in gas turbines, internal combustion engines or boilers to produce heat or generate electricity. Can also be converted to bio fuel or bio gas

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