Tommy Schierning


Mob.:  + 47 915 79 869


30 years of engineering, project, commissioning and start up experience gained from projects in the oil and
gas industry, in the marine industry and the aluminium industry, all over the world. He has been the project
leader and inventor in many pioneer projects which have been a success in the international marked.

Ole Jørgen Søvik


Mob.:  + 47 90 60 32 83


58 years old and trained as an electrician. He has worked as a Managing Director in several companies continuously for 23 years.


Managing Director of an electrical and technical contractor firm for 6 years.

As CEO and owner of a real estate company, nursing home and kindergarten he further developed these companies and sold this after 5 years.


He is Co-Founder for Scandi Energy's current operations and has extensive management experience from a variety of companies.

Akif Alpar


Mob.: + 90 532 422 7879


Founder of Scandi Energy. Natural Sciences from University in Bergen, Norway. 23 years of experience in
water and energy business/technology. The only one in the world in these two areas is the development and
commercialization of new revolutionary systems.

Toralf Ekelund

Marketing Manager

Mob.: +47 934 00 641


Business economist from Norwegian School of Econmics and Business Administration, Bergen, specialities
within energy economics and environment issues. Broad industrial experience as CEO,CTO, consultant and
research. Last 5 years in waste management business. Experience from 5 start-ups.

Bob Phillips


Mob.: +47 907 21 617


Multidiscliplinary Electronics and Technology Management Engineer trained in the British Royal Navy,
Cambrigde, MIT, NMBU. Long industrial experience as consultant in information health care technology, last
10 years within anaerobic digestion and gasification.

Nezihi Ogul


Mob.: +90 532 777 7889



Berghagan 8, 1405 Langhus

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